Designers of energy and water efficient Sydney homes and renovations.

  • Passive solar design for naturally comfortable homes
  • Rainwater harvesting & grey water reuse
  • Renewable/recyclable materials without toxic chemicals
  • Thermal mass to cool your house in summer and keep it warm in winter
  • Solar power either grid connected or stand alone
  • Reducing the environmental footprint of your new / renovated home

Affordable environmentally friendly homes

We believe the great quality of life afforded by living in a sustainable home should be available to all. To that end we design homes to suit all budgets and styles. The good news is that environmental performance isn’t directly proportional to the amount you spend.

Our services include: (Sydney & Regional NSW)

  • A site selection service to help you chose the right site or house
  • Standard design Sustainable Home packages
  • A full new home or renovation design service
  • Environmental audits on your existing home
Future proof your largest investment by ensuring it’s a Sustainable Home

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